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Equitable Partnership & Volunteer Day

Syracuse Habitat for Humanity is so excited to announce our new, three-year partnership with Equitable in Syracuse!

Equitable, a financial services company with a legacy of helping people look forward with courage, strength, and wisdom, has committed to a three-year partnership with Syracuse Habitat for Humanity.

First Volunteer Day

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, Syracuse Habitat for Humanity hosted 9 volunteers from Equitable to swing hammers and build interior wall panels for our next new build (coming this fall). This amazing group of volunteers was able to complete 13 interior wall panels during their shift! This group also marked the first major volunteer group to volunteer at our new location at 514 W. Genesee Street.

Special thank you to Kip, a former Syracuse Habitat employee, who volunteered to lead our group for the day!

Equitable's Three-Year Commitment

As part of Equitable's commitment to the the Syracuse community, Equitable has agreed to a three-year partnership with Syracuse Habitat for Humanity. We at Syracuse Habitat are beyond grateful for the support Equitable is providing, and we are looking forward to having their volunteers out multiple times per year to keep doing great work. Stay tuned for more from the Equitable / Syracuse Habitat Partnership!

Thank you!

Thank you so much to the Equitable Staff in Syracuse for your hard work and dedication at our first volunteer opportunity with you! We can't do what we do without volunteers like you!


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