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deserves a decent place to live

Are you interested in being our next partner family?

Syracuse Habitat for Humanity is opening a round of applications from March 1-31, 2023.


We are accepting applications for a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home in the Eastwood neighborhood of Syracuse. The house is a two story home with no basement.

Download the application at the bottom of this page or call us at 315-422-2230 to have one mailed to you.

Sharif Family - 2016 Homeowners

We evaluate applications based on NEED, ABILITY TO PAY, and WILLINGNESS TO PARTNER.

A successful Syracuse Habitat homebuyer:

  • Has a steady income. Total gross household annual income should be 40-60% of the HUD median income based on family size per chart below

  • Is a good credit risk, and able to qualify for an affordable home loan. We work with 3rd party lenders for mortgages and applicants must meet their credit standards.

  • Is in need of decent housing.

  • Is willing and able to invest at least 300 hours of Sweat Equity. Syracuse Habitat homebuyers help build their homes, as well as take classes and do other work to prepare to be a homeowner.

  • Is able to pay the required $1000 deposit.

  • Applicants must either be a US Citizen or provide proof of permanent residency status (green card).

  • Has not owned a home in the last three years.


Application Steps

  1. Read over guidelines to see if the program might be a good fit.

  2. Complete Syracuse Habitat Application for Homeownership. Make sure to include all required documents. Incomplete applications will not be processed. The application is available for download below or by mail.  Call 315-422-2230 to have one mailed to you.

  3. Family Selection Committee will review applications to see if the applicant meets eligibility requirements listed above.

  4. Applicant meets with a mortgage lender & obtains a mortgage pre-qualification letter.

  5. Board of Directors votes on a selection

Note: this round of applications is for a single home. If multiple applicants meet the criteria above, the Family Selection Committee selects an applicant based on need.

Partner Families

For any questions or assistance, contact us at    315-422-2230 or

Download the application here:
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