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Syracuse Habitat builds 1-2 new homes per year.  In 2015, we also launched a Rehabilitation Program, where we will rehab homes that are donated to us and resell them.  Most of our builds are within city limits on donated lots. 


Syracuse Habitat homes are built using volunteer labor with supervision and guidance from a professional Construction Manager, and funded through donations. We build year round, weather permitting, and welcome volunteers of all skills and backgrounds.  We only ask that you come to the site ready and willing to learn, work, and listen.

Builds run Wednesday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Volunteers usually come for the entire day.


To sign up to volunteer and see our volunteer open opportunities, click the button below.

Check out our Specialized Builds:

Women Build

The Women Build is an exciting project that brings together women of all backgrounds and ability levels to plan and construct a simple and decent home for a deserving family! Syracuse Habitat for Humanity is proud to offer this opportunity for concerned women to directly address the affordable housing crisis that exists in our own community.


The Women Build program invites women to address the problem of substandard housing and its effects on the health and well-being of children. Our goal for each Women Build Project is to build a Habitat home using a workforce made up primarily of women. We bring together skilled and unskilled women from all different backgrounds and ages on a work site and let them lead and learn and teach one another.


Construction is often a male-dominated field. Men can gravitate toward roles in construction leadership, leaving smart and skilled women with tasks such as painting, landscaping and cleaning up the site. These women rarely return for a second experience, but on a Women Build site, women are encouraged by other women to tackle all aspects of construction and quickly become skilled and engaged volunteers. Women Build is not about excluding men or non-binary folks, it is about CELEBRATING WOMEN and all they are capable of! 


Want to get involved?

Interested in joining our Women Build Committee to help fundraise and plan our next Women Build project and events? Email or call the Syracuse Habitat office at 315-422-2230. 

To register as a volunteer and sign up to volunteer on the work site, click the “Volunteer Now” button above or on our homepage.

Women Build
Veteran Build

Syracuse Habitat for Humanity recognizes the specific issues and challenges facing today’s service men and women and addressing the housing needs of Veterans has become a focal point for Syracuse Habitat.  Veterans make up an increasing percentage of America’s homeless and poverty stricken, many of them with young families.


In 2010 Syracuse Habitat for Humanity took the first step towards solving the housing crisis for New York State’s Veterans when we broke ground on our first Veteran Build houses.  Both homeowners were disabled Veterans and became the first two Veteran Build recipients in New York State. The program has grown since then, with many other Habitat Affiliates using Syracuse Habitat’s format to build Veteran Build homes across the state.  


Want to get involved?

To register as a volunteer and sign up to volunteer on site, click the “Volunteer Now” button above or on our homepage.


Do you know a Veteran who may be a candidate for a Veteran Build Home?  Have them contact our office to be mailed an application package or print one off of the “Home Ownership” section of our website.


Would your business or company like to be a sponsor or donor for our next Veteran Build?  Contact Lisa Palleschi at to find out how you can help and be a part of a very special project.

Veteran Build
Interfaith Build

An InterFaith Build is a partnership of faith communities that join together to fund and build a house for a local family. Our InterFaith partners work together to assist in Syracuse Habitat’s mission to provide decent shelter for God’s children.


InterFaith Partners agree to:


  • Sign Covenant

  • Provide construction labor.

  • Select someone to serve as a liaison between their congregation and Syracuse Habitat for Humanity.

  • Raise an agreed upon amount of money.

  • Promote the build within their congregation.

  • Encourage their members to attend the ceremonies at the site (Ground Blessing and the Home Dedication).


The benefits are numerous:


  • It offers people a way to share God’s love and leads people to grow in their faith.

  • By providing an opportunity to see the tangible results of their efforts as they work side by side it can attract new members and involve inactive members

  • It gives a chance to participate in a ministry of service that has a beginning and an end.

  • Meet a diverse group of people with a common goal.

  • When you give, you receive.


So far, our InterFaith Teams have built six homes in the Syracuse community, and we are always working towards the next one.


If you think that your church, temple, mosque or place of worship would like to become part of the InterFaith Build, please contact Suzanne Williams at or 315-422-230. We would be delighted to meet with the appropriate people at your place of worship to discuss in more detail what it means to become part of the InterFaith Team.

Interfaith Build
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