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Homes in Uganda

Syracuse Habitat for Humanity tithes to Habitat for Humanity Uganda and has done so since our inception in the mid-1980s.  Through this Habitat for Humanity International voluntary tithing program, Syracuse Habitat has helped build over 100 houses in Uganda and assisted in eliminating substandard housing globally.


Habitat for Humanity Uganda was initially founded in 1982 in the Gulu District (Northern Uganda), but work was suspended due to civil war. The program was later restarted in 1988 in the Kasese District (Western Uganda) and to date, has expanded to 19 Districts, but remains active in only 7 of the Districts.

While the program in Uganda is similar to the one here in the US, there are some differences. For instance, Habitat for Humanity Uganda homeowner applicants earn their sweat equity hours by carrying the water and making the bricks for their house. This daily activity includes a trek of several miles to collect enough water to construct the bricks. Habitat for Humanity Uganda has also extended their services to include assistance to HIV/AIDS widows, orphans and vulnerable children. Through this program, training is offered in HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation, succession planning, hygiene, sanitation, and malaria prevention. We are excited to support such a great Habitat Humanity affiliate as they inspire change in their community! 

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Uganda Stats


  • Uganda is located in East Africa covering 235,796 square kilometers.

  • The country has a population of 26 million

  • Over 80% of this population lives in rural Uganda

  • Uganda is a landlocked country bordered by Sudan in the north, Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in the south east and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west.


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