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Tadese & Beraki Family Home Dedication

Not too many of us can grasp the feeling of having to escape an on-going war zone and flee a country. Belachew Tadese and his wife Genet Beraki, however, both know this as reality.

Being caught in the middle of a border dispute between the countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia, Belachew and Genet left their home countries in Africa in 2010. With Syracuse being the first place they came, they have been living here for the past eight years with their children, Aser Negash, Abel Negash, Ermias Negash, and Million Negash.

The family decided to apply for a Habitat house after being referred by Nasser Fitwi, who had also fled from Eritrea and is currently a homeowner through our organization. Belachew shared, “Nasser is my neighbor, (we’re) from the same country. Together we go to church, together we pray. We are like one family”.

Belachew and Genet were selected as a Syracuse Habitat Partner Family, and on January 21st, 2018, we celebrated with them for closing on their house on Marcellus Street. The Home Dedication was a wonderful reminder of the power of Syracuse Habitat for Humanity volunteers — enabling a family to purchase their own home through a hand up, not a hand out.

For them, owning a house means more than just having a secure place to live. They have plans for it to be passed down to their children, and create a lasting generational impact.

Belachew expresses what being a homeowner means. He says, “I’m happy – this is my house. I’m relaxed and everything is good”.

Congratulations and welcome home Tadese and Beraki family!

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