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Fifth Habitat for Humanity Mission Trip to El Salvador

May 27 – June 4, 2017

Kip Coerper, Board member and Volunteer Coordinator for Cayuga Habitat for Humanity, will be leading a Habitat Global Village work trip for 12 people to El Salvador on May 27 – June 4, 2017. No construction experience is necessary. Come and learn to build and make new friends! Our week will include one day of learning and experiencing the culture of El Salvador, including a possible trip to a coffee plantation, and a final day at a beach resort. Habitat Global Village Trips provide an opportunity for members to learn and contribute while expanding their knowledge of unfamiliar cultures and developing their spiritual identity. The entire trip costs about $1400 plus airfare – all tax deductible. (Some scholarship money is available.) To find out more about this type of trip go to Global Village Trips in El Salvador at or contact

Habitat for Humanity El Salvador works in association with God and people of diverse backgrounds to develop communities with people in need through construction and renovation of houses, allowing every person to have a suitable home in his or her community and experience the love of God, living and growing in everything that God offers.

As good as videos and photos are, one cannot get a sense of our sisters’ and brothers’ lives without being in the churches, kitchens and fields, feeling the heat, smelling the pollution and walking in the dirt. As good as books are, one cannot get a sense of their history without standing behind the altar where their archbishop was shot or standing in front of the Wall of Remembrance with thirty thousand names of those adults and children who died or disappeared in the civil war. And the joy of helping a family build their first home is truly rewarding.

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