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Home Dedication for the Sharif Family

Sunday, August 7th, 2016 marked a very important milestone for the Sharif Family - the dedication of their very own home!

Syracuse Habitat employees, board members, volunteers, sponsors, friends, and family all joined together to dedicate our 5th Women Build Home to the Sharif's. A very emotional day for all, the Home Dedication celebrated the journey of the Sharif Family through the application and selection process, earning their sweat equity, watching their house take shape, and finally, closing on their own home.

Jerome Sharif first connected with Syracuse Habitat for Humanity through a volunteer opportunity handing out disaster preparedness kits on September 11, 2011. Previously renting a 4-bedroom single family home, and spending a large portion of his income on rent, it would have been difficult to purchase a home based on his full-time job and family commitments. Jerome and Tracy were very humbled yet excited at the opportunity to become homeowner's through Syracuse Habitat for Humanity.

Throughout the process, Jerome was constantly motivated by the ability to give his family a better life, and said it grants him a feeling of independence. “The belief that the system does work for you if you do the right thing [is important]. Syracuse Habitat for Humanity has opened the doors for people like me, I can make it and I’m eternally grateful.”

You can see through all of the photos of the Home Dedication what a wonderful celebration it was for all!

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